Crowe Soberman Inc., Licensed Insolvency Trustees and Administrators of Consumer Proposals, has assisted countless businesses, families, and individuals in Ontario to restructure their financial affairs and regain control of their future. Our team of professionals works with lenders, solicitors, advisors and other stakeholders to develop practical solutions and navigate efficiently through the restructuring process.

With over 35 years of experience, Crowe Soberman Inc. has provided knowledgeable and conscientious advice with financial reorganization, receiverships, proposals and more. Our corporate recovery and restructuring specialists work to help you with today’s ever-changing and complex debtor/creditor and asset protection laws and regulations.

Our licensed Insolvency Trustees take the time to thoroughly review the intricacies of each situation and are able to call on and utilize the expertise of Crowe Soberman LLP’s accounting, business valuations and tax professionals in order to obtain the best possible outcome.

We understand the needs of businesses and individuals in financial trouble and those trying to stay out of it!


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