Industries: Retail

Prosper in the challenging world of retail

Crowe Soberman understands how dramatically the retail landscape in Canada is changing, and we’re more than prepared to help you deal with all the unique financial challenges that accompany it such as the continued rise of e-commerce and the on-going need for financing.

Our long experience working with retail, consumer products and real estate clients has given us in-depth knowledge of the industry. We understand the challenges you face and the solutions available to you. Our tax professionals help you take advantage of opportunities you may not otherwise know about, and our audit and accounting advisory services will keep you in compliance with the laws and regulations specific to your industry. But it doesn’t stop there.

Supply chain and inventory, succession planning, financing, cash flow, employees, merchandising and marketing, purchasing and distribution: all these are vital to the profitable operation of your business.

Crowe Soberman’s professionals will add strength to your team and help position you for ongoing success.

Apparel and Textiles

While our clients come from a wide range of industries, Crowe Soberman has developed a specialty in assisting companies operating in apparel and textiles. These clients range from start-ups to well established, successful companies representing manufacturing, distribution and retail operations.

We provide tax, audit and consulting services specifically tailored to the apparel industry. Our highly skilled and experienced people understand your industry and keep current on emerging market trends and issues so they can provide industry-specific insights and solutions to help you meet your business challenges.

We collaborate with you to determine your business goals, and help you integrate your core competencies and vision with a strategy that will help you achieve them.