plate denial - 407 toll

Lawsuit over 407 toll debts settled for $8 million

The private company that maintains the 407 toll highway has agreed to pay almost $8 million to settle a four-year-old lawsuit over bankrupt drivers who ...

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plate denial - 407 toll

407 Plate Denial for Bankrupts and Consumer Debtors, Lifted

On November 13, 2015, The Supreme Court of Canada decided that the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA) overrides the plate denial provisions of the Highway ...

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after bankruptcy

Life After Bankruptcy

For many individuals, they are unclear about if, and when, they are able to apply for and receive credit after they have filed for personal ...

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Canada Post Work Disruption

Potential Mail Disruptions

Canada Post is currently in negotiations with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and has given 72 hours’ notice that employees will be locked out ...

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equity and foreclosure

Treatment of Equity in Real Estate While Under Bankruptcy

Bankrupts should be aware that any increases in their property value, while they are in bankruptcy, becomes an asset in their estate that will need to ...

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Bankruptcy Trustee

Real Estate and Bankruptcy – Trustee’s Perspective

In order to properly evaluate the real estate scenarios in bankruptcy administration, the Trustee must take into consideration the following: Obtain legal description of the property Having ...

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bankruptcy and real estate

Real Estate and Bankruptcy – Bankrupt’s Perspective

By virtue of Sections 67(1)(c)1 and 712 of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, upon filing and assignment with the Official Receiver, all property3 of the bankrupt immediately passes ...

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file a bankruptcy

File a bankruptcy or walk away from your small business?

When your business is experiencing financial difficulties, there are several factors we will review with you prior to making a decision on your best options: ...

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credit report

Your Credit Report – Common Questions and Issues

One of the main concerns of potential, current, and former debtors that file a consumer proposal or personal bankruptcy, is the impact on their future ...

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How can budgeting help me deal with debt?

Budgeting: it’s not as scary as it sounds… and it is a really simple concept. A budget will show your income every month and details of ...

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google bans payday loans

New Advertising Restrictions on Payday Loan Companies

Payday Loan companies, which some advocates have argued engage in exploitative lending, are now banned from advertising on Google. The ban represents the first time ...

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Canadian CRA tax return forms

FAQs: individual tax return obligations during a Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy

Question: If I owe taxes to the CRA will it be covered in my bankruptcy or consumer proposal? Answer: Your personal income tax debt will be covered to ...

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