piggy bank and ticking clock, concept for household debt

The Clock is Ticking on Canadian Household Debt

Rising household debt is leaving Canadians more vulnerable to interest rates and economic volatility, according to a January 2016 report from the Parliamentary Budget Office ...

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liens act

New Changes to the Repair Storage and Liens Act

Coming into effect on July 1, 2016, the Ontario Repair and Storage Liens Act will have new rules to help strengthen consumer protection. These amendments ...

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real estate lenders

Real Estate Lenders and the Amendments to the PPSA

Click here to read the article from Ben Leith at McCarthy Tetrault LLP on the upcoming amendments to the Personal Property Security Act (PPSA) and ...

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personal residence

Implications of the Personal Residence Exemptions

In the article, 'New' Ontario Residence Exemption, Nov 20 2015, Bob Klotz at Klotz Associates outlines implications of the recent changes to the Ontario Execution Act ...

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medical residents

T2202 – Amendments for Medical Residents

The University of British Columbia has recently confirmed that they will be reissuing T2202A forms to students who were registered as medical residents from 2005 ...

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407 etr

Supreme Court of Canada Releases 407 ETR Decision

The long-awaited and anticipated decision of the Supreme Court of Canada was released last week, on the issue of whether a government agency, the 407 ...

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mortgage lenders

The Perils of Private Mortgage Lenders

Toronto Life recently published an in-depth article on some of the perils of private mortgage lenders and the stresses of home ownership for those that ...

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execution act

New Changes to the Execution Act

Effective December 1st, the Execution Act of Ontario will be changed to allow the following exemptions. The following amounts relate to assets that are exempt ...

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consumer proposal

A Consumer Proposal… not just for marriage

Most people are familiar with the concept of bankruptcy. Creditors are owed money, assets are liquidated and the liquidation proceeds are paid to creditors. The ...

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corporate restructuring

Corporate restructuring is not the end of the road

Analysts are predicting a challenging year for many business owners. So what does this mean for you? Picture that you are running a business. You’ve just ...

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Don’t fall for the hype: It may be a hoax or Ponzi scheme.

Bernie Madoff. Charles Ponzi. Enron. WorldCom. Most of us have heard of them. Some of us are glued to shows like CNBC’s American Greed, which ...

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avoid bankruptcy

How to avoid bankruptcy: File a proposal!

A proposal is one of the options available to those looking to avoid bankruptcy. A proposal is an offer to creditors to compromise their debt ...

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