execution act

New Changes to the Execution Act

Effective December 1st, the Execution Act of Ontario will be changed to allow the following exemptions. The following amounts relate to assets that are exempt ...

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consumer proposal

A Consumer Proposal… not just for marriage

Most people are familiar with the concept of bankruptcy. Creditors are owed money, assets are liquidated and the liquidation proceeds are paid to creditors. The ...

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corporate restructuring

Corporate restructuring is not the end of the road

Analysts are predicting a challenging year for many business owners. So what does this mean for you? Picture that you are running a business. You’ve just ...

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Don’t fall for the hype: It may be a hoax or Ponzi scheme.

Bernie Madoff. Charles Ponzi. Enron. WorldCom. Most of us have heard of them. Some of us are glued to shows like CNBC’s American Greed, which ...

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avoid bankruptcy

How to avoid bankruptcy: File a proposal!

A proposal is one of the options available to those looking to avoid bankruptcy. A proposal is an offer to creditors to compromise their debt ...

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