Ontario Grade 10 Students Start Financial Literacy Lessons

Allegra Fiorino laughs when asked if she was ever taught financial literacy at her Toronto high school. “I can confidently say that, no, I never was,” says the 18-year-old University of Toronto student. “I don’t even know what it is.”

Ms. Fiorino says the math questions in the curriculum were all about how fast planes were going – “problems you had to solve. There was nothing about mortgages. Or buying a car,” she says. “They’re not explaining how [someone] buys a house.”

She recalls one friend who launched a successful landscaping business in high school – only to see it fall apart through fiscal mismanagement. “I know one guy who at 16 made thousands of dollars on a landscaping business, and lost it all,” she says. “We really should be taught this in high school and at university.”

A newly announced Ontario government program aims to do just that – soon making financial literacy education a reality for high-school students…

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