Other Services

There are other informal options available to individuals to get their financial situation under control! Without filing for bankruptcy or offering a proposal to their creditors.

Budgeting assistance

  • If you are having difficulties setting and balancing your budget we can help! We will take the time to review and assess your living expenses and develop a strategy for you to keep a positive cash flow going forward.

Creditor negotiations & Informal Proposals

  • If you find the idea of contacting your creditors daunting, let us do it for you. We will create a list of your creditors and negotiate with some or all of them to reduce your payments, interest rates, or time to repay debts.

Credit Counselling

  • If you are continually going into your overdraft, using one credit card to pay off another, or exceeding your credit limits regularly, we can aid in breaking those patterns through credit counselling. Our informative credit counselling sessions are an opportunity to give individuals and families the tools to manage their credit and debt in the future, so they will not experience greater turmoil down the road.


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